Silver Kavacham for Lord Mahasaharalingamurthy

Recently Lord Mahasaharalingamurthy was adorned with Silver Kavacham at the Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam.


One Response to “Silver Kavacham for Lord Mahasaharalingamurthy”

  1. rganapat Says:

    ohm nama shivaya
    I have the privelage of writing on this wonderful Blog , to share the essence of divinity/power with worshipping “sahasralingam” .
    As a humble and minuscule of devotee to Shiv bagwan , i write this with the knowledge , experience acquired after pujas performed to Lord Siva in last 10 years and travelling to Infinte powerhouse temples of avimuktha Varanasi, Rameswaram, Kalahasti, Chidambram,thiruvanaival , Thiruvarur,thirunageeswaram , aalangudi , Several times to kanchi temples ,thiruvannamalai , thirukudanthai, thiruvaiyaru ,thirumananjeri, thiruvelvikudi, thirunallaru, thirukandiyur, thanjai periya koyil , thirukazukundram, malaikottai , kundrathur , thiruvanmiyur, mylapore and so on .
    Here is the secret of Shiv puran & Linga Puran & Vedas which conclude on Linga Puja as final salvation
    * Puja of sakasralingam is from the time the Universe emerged from Lord shiva billion years ago . Need reference , here are few (of many)
    1. Lord Rama after having killed Ravana (Largely though he is a sinner having abducted Goddess Sita ; is a Huge Siva devotee ) reached India rameswaram from Lanka & started to perform “pariharam” to nullify the sin he got by killing a Siva devotee ; and the greatest pariharam to please Shiva being to Install “sahasralingam” in many divine places temples he went . To name few –
    rameshwaram ; Kanchipuram ekambaranathar temple ;
    Sri sailam ; papanasam , so on
    2. Great King Vaali (brother of sugriva) had the regular practice, determination to go to 1000 siva temples everyday in morning to get his grace
    3. Doing any puja , mantra to/ in front of sahasralingam has 1000 times benifits !
    4. Sahasralingam is not so easily made ; very complex and God has it only in very very special divine place he wishes to have it . Skandashram is one !

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