Krishna Paksha Astami

7.1.10 – Krishna Paksha Astami – Special abhishekam to Goddess Asta Dasa Bhuja Durga Parameswari at 10. 30 am followed by special alankaram and deeparadanai. Navavarna puja to Sri Chakra Poorna Maha Meru at 6 PM.

One Response to “Krishna Paksha Astami”

  1. rganapat Says:

    Krishna paksha astami is very very auspicious for offering prayers to Durga matha , sarabeswarar , sulini Bradyangara Devi . Astami puja & the power delivered by prayers that day is capable of destroying all evil forces faced by Devotees. It’s the famous “durgastami” during navarathri that Loga matha “Durga parameswari” killed demon ‘Mahilsasuran”.
    It’s a gift for all devotees going to skandasramam that they get to have darshan of all the gods during astami Puja . Astami puja helpd one to eliminate his enemies, overcome sorrow, build high mental / physical strength , Overcome poverty & overcome all other evil forces .
    -Lord Shiv Devotee

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