Full Moon – Pournami

Full Moon

24.8.10 – On account of Full moon there will be special abhishekam to Goddess Matha Bhuvaneswari and Lord Dattatreya at 10 am.



22.8.10 – Pradosham will be celebrated grandly for Sri Mahasahasralingamurthy and Lord Nandikeswarar at 5 Pm. There will be Mahanyasam at 5. 00 pm and there will be a special abhishekam at 5. 30 pm for Lord Mahasahasralingamurthy and Lord Nandikeswarar. At 6. 30 pm there will be a special deeparadanani and prasad distribution.

Sarkarai Kappu for Matha Bhuvaneswari


Ullagaram Vijaya Ganapathy Temple

Ullagaram Vijaya Ganapathy Temple

The temple was built on the Divine Order of MahaPeriyava ( Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt ) and was blessed by him in its milestones.
The temple was again consecrated on 19th June 1994 in the presence of His Holiness Pudukottai Poojya Sri Santhananda Swamigal.
Nithya Ganapathy Homam is being performed from 1994, every day as per the Divine Instructions of Shri Sandhananda Swamigal.

Crown for Sathguru Shrimath Santhananda Swamigal

Crown for Sathguru Shrimath Santhananda Swamigal at Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam