700 slokas constituting the Durga Saptha Sathi in praise of Goddess Chandi Durga (who is the personification of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasarasvathi) are recited at the temple every day.


Silver Kavacham for Lord Mahasaharalingamurthy

Recently Lord Mahasaharalingamurthy was adorned with Silver Kavacham at the Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam.



Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar

Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam has installed a gigantic panchaloka idol of Sri Maha Sudarshana Murthy (Chakarathazhwar) with Lakshmi Narasimhar measuring about 18 feet.


At Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam Sri Narasimhar has his consort Mahalakshmi Thayar in his left lap and is holding her. Bhaktha Prahlada is in his right hand side standing and worshipping Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.

Special Days : Swati Nakshatram

Lord Mahasudarshanamurthy

Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam has installed a gigantic panchaloka idol of Sri Maha Sudarshana Murthy (Chakarathazhwar) with Lakshmi Narasimhar measuring about 18 feet. The speciality of this idol is that it has Sri Sudarshana Murthy on the obverse and Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar (along with his consort Sri Lakshmi) on the reverse. It is generally Yoga Narasimhar who is found in the reverse. Sudharshana Chakra is regarded as the primary weapon of Lord Vishnu. It is even believed to be the incarnation of the Lord himself.


Around this sannidhi are installed the images of the Dasavatharas or the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Special Days – Chitirai Nakshatram

Lord Nandikeswarar

In the Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam the 5 feet Lord Nandikeswarar has been installed.


Lord Nandikeswarar, the divine vehicle of Lord Shiva, is depicted facing the sanctum.

Special day : Pradosham

Lord Mahasahasralingamurthy

Chennai Om Skandasramam has installed the Maha Sahasralinga Murthy, which is 1007 lingams carved in a huge gigantic lingam making it a total of 1008 lingams. This stone image stands about 9 and a 1/2 feet in height.


This gopuram represents the Tamilnadu type of architecture.

Special day : Pradhosham, Maha Sivarathri, Iyypasi Pournami, Tiruvadirai.


Goddess Astadasabhuja Durga Parameswari

Sri Astadasabuja Durga Parameswari is the very embodiment of Maha Shakthi and is installed as a 6 feet idol. She is the Universal Mother full of Benevolence and Grace and yet assumes the form of the Protector of the down trodden. Her 18 hands hold different weapons, including the trident of Lord Shiva, the discus of Lord Vishnu, the conch of Varuna, the bow and arrows of Vayu, the Vajra of Indra etc. Her vehicle is the lion. She resides in the Southern part, at the back of Maha Sahasralingamurthy in this temple facing the North side.


This gopuram represents the Tamilnadu type of architecture.

Special day : Krishna Paksha Astami, Aadi Pooram, Aadi Velli, Thai Velli

Lord Ayyapan

Sri Dharma Shastha is well known as Harihara Suthan – the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu (in His avatar as Mohini). Lord Ayyapan is the protector of Dharma and Rigteousness, and is the destroyer of evil. His right hand shows the Gnana Mudra which represents knowledge and his Left hand shows the Vara Mudra which represents the granting of boons. He is the guardian of Dharma in this world. Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam has a huge 7 foot image of Lord Ayyapa the giver of infinite boons, in a sitting posture and made up of five kinds of metal called the panchaloka. He is positioned in the East facing the Astadasabhuja Durga.


The structure of the gopuram is like the Kerala type of model. To his right is installed the Kanni Moolai Ganapathy.

Special day : Every Month Uttira Nakshatram & Makarasankaranthi

Sri Chakra Poorna Maha Meru

In Hindu mythology Goddess Shakti is personified as the Sri Chakra Poorna Maha Meru. At Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam, the four deities face the 4 cardinal directions and in front of them, at the centre, is installed the Sri Chakra Poorna Maha Meru in Panchaloka and is 5 ½ feet in height. It is believed that all the devathas have emerged from the Meru and that Goddess Shakti herself resides in the form of Shrividhya at the Bindu (top of the Meru).


This gopuram represents the Tamilnadu type of architecture. All the gopurams are installed according to the Veda Sastra.

Special day : Navavarna Pooja: Astami, Navami, Chaturdasi, Full Moon Day & New Moon Day

Goddess Ugra Prathiyankira Devi

Facing the Sannidhi of Lord Veera Sarabeswara is the 12-foot panchaloka icon of Goddess Ugra Prathiyankara also known as Atharvana Bhadrakali. She is also referred to as Aparajitha – the invincible. She is believed to have emerged from the fire emanating from the third eye of Lord Sarabeswarar. It was Goddess Prathiyankara who aided in subsiding the anger of Lord Narasimha. She is lion – faced and is seated on a lion. Her four hands bear a noose in the form of a snake, trident, hand-drum and bowl (kabaala paathram). She wears a garland of skulls. In this Kali yuga, where evil is manifest in varied forms, Goddess Prathiyankara is regarded as the saviour of mankind, alleviating the sufferings of humanity. She possesses the power to offset the influences of black magic. Though fearsome in appearance, she is the very embodiment of benevolence and grace to her devotees.

Navadurgas `Sri Sailaputri, Sri Brahmacharini, Chandrakande, Kushmande, Skandamatha, Kathayayini, Kalarathri, Mahagauri and Sidhithathri’ are installed around this sannadi. This gopuram represents the Tamilnadu type of architecture.

Special day : New Moon Day,Ashtami