Sri Mahaganapathy Dhyanam and Sri Maha Ganapathy Moola Mantram


14 Responses to “Sri Mahaganapathy Dhyanam and Sri Maha Ganapathy Moola Mantram”

  1. Jayanti Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Namaskar! I don’t read or write Tamil. So it will be very useful for non-tamil speakers if you could translate the above mantra in English.


  2. Subramaniam Says:

    The top part is the maha ganapati dhyanam, and latter part is moola mantram.

    The moola mantram is as follows:
    It is tough to get the syllables right in English, I have tried to do the best.
    Om shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Vara Varada sarva janam me vashamanaya swahah
    (the na in naya is said n(as in hindi work nal(tap)) do not say na)

  3. Raja Says:

    thank you very much for this powerful manthiram of Ganapathi.. I am happy.


  4. vignesh Says:

    1) please issue sarabeswarar moola mantram in tamil

    2) main offerings that satisfies saraswathi in saraswathi homam

  5. Guurumurthy Sastry Says:

    Please let me know the meaning of the Maha Ganapati dhyana sloka- hasteendraanam……….bhaje

  6. vsaidas Says:

    very very useful

  7. rganapat Says:

    1. Please Note below Lord sarabeshwara moola mantra as-
    Ohm saaluvesaya vidhmahee Bhakshii rajaya theemahii
    thanoo SARABA prachoodayathe
    Above is the most powerful gayatri moola mantra Given by Lord Bhairava himself
    2. I have tried to partially answer question-2
    saraswathi Devi would be pleased with White Lotus flowers.
    Also you can refer Link
    For the actual puja, flowers are used but the most significant is the Palash or flame of the forest and marigold flowers. Students place their books in front of the goddess. The offerings to the goddess are mainly fruits: most significant are Berries from the wild plum tree. Other fruits include tapioca. Sweets must include puffed rice, jaggery and yogurt.
    best regards
    Rajesh (Lord Shiv devotee)

  8. Srikanth Says:

    Please post Nilakantha Moola Mantram . i do not tamil
    but if it were in telugu or hindi that would be great

    I have only heard of it


  9. Skumar Says:

    Sri Prathyangira moola mantra

  10. shyam Says:

    can some body give me the meaning of ganapthy mool mantra. all the websites gives only transliteration. i wanr the MEANING

  11. Devanand .J Says:

    hi thanks for posting the above Ganapathy Moola Mantra. can u please forward to my e-mail id. because here right side could not read fully.
    devanand .j

  12. Jaheer Says:

    Hi Subramanyam brother,
    If you don’t mind, will u please send Maha Ganapathi moola
    mantra in Telugu orSankrit or Hindi. I have been searching for that for many days. You wrote in English, But these beejakshar reading is difficult for me. If u send me in Telugu or Sanskrit or Hindi, i will know pronounciation correctly and do japa. Pls, pls send me………………….

  13. Meenakshi Sundaram Says:

    It is very useful
    I need tamil meaning to the maha manthram

  14. ramlal Says:

    I want lord durga devi mantra except durga suktham !!!
    Is it possible to tamil and send it !!!

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