Sri Judge Swamigal


Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra Sarasvathyavadhuta Swamigal, also popularly referred to as Judge Swamigal was a great godman hailing from the proud lineage of the avadhuta saints who can be traced back to Lord Dattatreya. He was born in Vishakapatnam to parents who were orthodox Brahmins steeped in the vedic tradition. His father Sri Vedamoorthy Sastrigal was an adept in the Vedas and Shastras. From his tender years Sri Judge Swamigal showed a great inclination towards spirituality even though he was a received a formal academic education and received a degree in law. His moral uprightness and sense of Justice and Righteousness, elevated him to the position of a Judge very soon. But he was disillusioned with the practice of meting out Justice merely on the basis of witness and circumstances. He immediately decided to renounce worldly life and sought a Guru who would help free him from the fetters of mundane existence. He found in Sri Ramakrishna Swamiji of Kalahasti, such a worthy preceptor who initiated him into the spiritual life. The recipients of Sri Judge Swamigal’s benevolence and grace are many. His disciples were many, prominent among them being Sri Swayampakasa Swamigal. It is noteworthy to mention here that Sri Judge Swamigal’s adhishtanam has been built by Sathguru Sri Shanthananda Swamigal (whose Paramaguru is Sri Judge Swamigal) at Pudukkottai which stands to this day as a perennial source of Divine Grace.

4 Responses to “Sri Judge Swamigal”


    Lot of worries.Please help me.I was brough-up in Salem.
    MY present adress is:
    “Guruvayurappan Complex”,
    Block F – 121/5,
    First street,
    Chennai – 600 102.

  2. Baskar@Shiva Says:

    swami i have a lot of problem, please help me!

  3. Ramaswamy Says:

    I am now 70plus and presently in Us with my wife in my daughter’s place on a vacation and chanced to go thru this website .I am a native of Pudukkottai and had met Swami Santhanandha swamigal and had been to Judge swamigal athishtanam ,That he will become so famous is not anything new and although I had left to north for service in 1963 and vacated Pudukkottai for good and settled now in Chennai ,this Bhuvaneswari temple is very famous and very powerful .
    I wish that Maa Bhuvaneswari blesses this entire universe .

  4. manikandan Says:

    pls send judge swamigal photo

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