Swamiji’s Miracle

Swamiji’s Miracle
Once when Sri Salem Tyagarajan went to see Shri Santhananda Swamigal in Pudukottai, he saw near Swamigal a big picture 8X4 size of Goddess Matha Bhuvaneswari and thought in his mind that there is no picture like this in his home and that a picture like this should also be there in his house. Wonder of wonders, when he prostrated before Shri Santhananda Swamigal, Shri Swamigal said `Raja (this is how Sri Tyagarajan is called) this picture is for you, take it home, saying Shri Swamigal blessed him. Swamigal is a `parama anugrahi’ and has the power to see inside a man and read his mind. Swamiji always thinks big and does thinks in a big way. He is a Brahma Jnani and knows the Srividyai thoroughly and only a Jnani can know it and not ordinary men.

These Miracles of Shri Santhananda Swamigal have been taken and translated from the Souvenir published on the occasion of the Purthi of the 108 days Sri Sudharshana Homam in Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam.

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    Enjoyed yur advices in this web.thanks,

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