Sendhamangalam Dattagiri

In order to infuse devotion and piety into the hearts of people, Shri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal wanted to install an idol of Sri Dattatreya in his Ashram. While the Swamiji was living, his devoted disciple Swami Santhananda, in his excessive love and reverence for His Guru took immense paints to build a temple over the hillock, in the Ashram, for installing the idol of Dattatreya and also the marble statue of the His Guru Shri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal.

The marble statue of the Swamigal and the idol of lord Dattatreya in that two-storeyed temple reveal the marvelous ingenuity of the artist who made them. This attractive temple on the hillock, with its calm and inspiring surroundings, and the improved Ashram owe their existence and present charming appearance to the strenuous, indefatigable efforts and remarkable patience and ability of Swami Santhananda.

The Guhalaya there is built on the Sannyasikaradu or Sannyasikundu. The hillock is called as Dattagiri now. The Dattatreya temple and the Guhalaya of Sendamangalam will flourish as lasting monuments, reminding the people of the glory and greatness of the holy sage Shri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal who entered into Mahasamadhi in the month of December 1948.

Shri Santhananda Swamigal built various Sannidhi and installed the idol of Lord Muruga in this hillock and performed Kumbabhishekam in 20-1-1983. The adhistanam of Shri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal – Sathguru Shrimath Santhananda Swamigal’s Guru is in this place.

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