Shri Swamigal – Temples

Sri Vara Siddhi Sakthi Vinayagar & Sri Matha Bhuvaneswari Temple Complex, Sri Sankara Madam, Sathsangam Manidweepam
E-275, Thanthai Periyar Road, Block-2,
NEYVELI – 607 801
Tamilnadu, INDIA

The temple complex at Sath Sangam Manidweepam, Block-2, Neyveli-1 where Sri Varasiddhi Sakthi Vinayagar, Sri Matha Bhuvaneswari, Sri Ramar, Laxmanar, Sita, Anjaneyar and Navagraha sannidhi are gracing the Neyveli citizens is one existing for more than four decades.

The Vinayagar vigraha was found during the mining operation. While deciding to install the Vigraha, Kanchi Sage Sri Sri Paramacharyal benedicted by embracing the vigraha and suggested to install the same facing west (i.e) towards the town and factories, so that the inhabitant of the town and the company will prosper.

The name of Ganapathi includes “Sakthi” and hence with the blessings of Sri Sandhanandha Swamigal, the prathishta of Sri Matha Bhuvaneswari Ambal was done.

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