Kamala Siddhi Vinayakar

Sri Kamala Siddhi Vinayagar appears in golden colour and is around 6 1/2 feet. He is seated on a Lotus having four hands which carry a flower, mango, sugarcane and the parasu. He holds the Kalasam in his trunk and has the `mooshikam’ as his vehicle which is below. The statue is made up of stone. He is regarded as the destroyer of all sins and the remover of obstacles. He bestows Peace and well-being on his devotees.


Kamala Siddhi Vinayakar is installed to the right hand side of Goddess Bhuvaneswari. Around this sannadhi are installed Yoga Ganapathy and Uchchista Ganapathy. This gopuram represents the Tamilnadu type of architecture.

Special day : Sankatahara chaturthi