Om Sri Skandasramam in Salem and its events

Skandhasramam in Udayappatti, Salem was established in 1968.

The installation of Skandhamatha and Sri Jnana Skandha Guru and Kumbhabishekam was performed in 1971.

Maa Astadasa Bhuja Mahalakshmi Durga is affectionately called as Skandhamatha here. Skandhashramam was later expanded with the installation of Panchamukha Anjaneya, Heramba (Pancha Mukha) Ganapathi, Dattatreya, and Swarnakarshana Bhiravar.There are many unique features in skandhashramam.

1. There are Murtis for the Navagrahas with their consorts established around the temple for skandha.

2. There are murtis of all the Hindu Saints inluding Sri Maha Periyava, Sri Judge Swamigal, Sri Swayam Prakasa Swamigal, Sri Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharishi.

3. There are frescoes of the Eighteen Siddhas in the new Homa mandapam.

A big homa mandapam was later constructed.

Salem Skandhashramam _ Important Events

Prathishtas and Kumbabhishekams

31/10/1969 – Establishment of the Yajurveda patasaala.

08/02/1971 – Sri Astadasa Bhuja Mahalakshmi Durga and Sri Jnana Skandha Guru (Dhandapani) shila vigraha prathishta Maha Kumbhabishekam.

Nithya Chandi Homam for 48 days and Satha Chandi Homam on the concluding day.

01/09/1974 – Panchamukha Anjaneya (16 ft in height) shila vigraha prathishta.

05/09/1975 – Sri Dattatreya Bhagavan (16 ft in height) shila vigraha prathishta

Sathguru Shrimath Santhananda Swamigal

One of the most illustrious seers of our time, Sathguru Srimath Santhananda Swamigal was the very embodiment of the Divine. Hailing from a glorious lineage of Avadhootha saints, Sathguru Sri Santhananda Swamigal has been the torchbearer of Hinduism and its sanctity. Alleviating the sufferings of humanity has been his primary concern. He has advocated the greatness of Japa and Homa as a means to achieve peace and prosperity. Sathguru Sri Santhananda Swamigal has been the fountainhead of infinite love & compassion and has bestowed solace to many. He is the guiding spirit and an epitome of peace to his devotees who regard him as the incarnation of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Besides Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam, Sathguru Srimath Santhananda Swamigal has built the Judge Swamigal Adhishtanam at Pudukkottai, Om Sri Skandasramam at Salem and Dattagiri at Sendamangalam.


This beautiful statue of Sri Santananda Swamigal in Marble is placed on the left hand side of Goddess Bhuvaneswari and is 4 ½ feet in height. This gopuram represents the Tamilnadu type of architecture.

Special day : Every Month Visaka Nakshatram