Lord Saniswarar

Lord Saniswara is one of the most important planets of the Navagraha. He is also the bestower of benevolent grace, though at times the devotee faces problems when Lord Saniswara is places in a malevolent position in the horoscope. In order to appease Him and receive his bountiful Grace devotees offers prayers and special offerings to him. Only in a few temples do we see a separate sannadhi for Lord Saniswara like in Skandasramam where this idol made up of stone is 14 feet in height and is placed in the `Esanya Moolai’ in between North and East right opposite Lord Panchamukha Anjaneyar. Since Lord Saniswara is facing Lord Hanuman it is believed that whoever is in the clutches of Sani will not face much of problems. Lord Saniswara is in the standing posture with one leg on his vehicle the crow while the other leg is placed on the ground.


Around the sannadhi are installed the different forms of Lord Saniswara. The gopuram is like the Orissa type of architecture.

Special day : Every Tamil month First Saturday – Special Abhishekam and every Saturdays – distribution of Ell Annam

Sri Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar

Sri Panchamukha Anjaneya appears with 5 faces, ten hands and is 14 feet in height. His five faces are the embodiment of Lord Anjaneya in the east, Lord Narasimha in the South, Garuda in the west, Varaha in the North and Lord Hayagriva at the top. The five faces of the five Gods protects the devotees in five fold ways. Lord Anjaneya is a destroyer of enemies, Lord Narasimha is the remover of all kinds of Fears, Garuda is a remover of all kinds of ailments, Varaha is a bestower of Prosperity and Lord Hayagriva is a bestower of Knowledge. Thus he is seen as the very epitome of infinite grace and blessings to his devotees.


This idol made up of stone is placed in the `Vayu moolai’ in between West and North in this temple right opposite Lord Saniswara and around this sannadhi are installed Bhakta Hanuman and Veera Hanuman. This gopuram represents the Orissa type of architecture

Special day : New Moon Day / Hanumath Jayanthi / Sri Rama Navami